Sunday Reflection & Vicar’s Corner

Sunday’s Reflection: Jesus spends forty days in the wilderness, surrounded by wild animals and tempted by Satan. However, before he enters the wilderness, he is baptized and given a concrete reminder of his identity as God’s Son and God’s Beloved, which must have been a comfort and encouragement to him during his ordeal. When he returns, he is ready to begin his ministry by proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God.

Today, we experience salvation through the waters of baptism. We are buried with Christ in the waters, and through Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection, we are forgiven for our sins and granted a clean conscience before God. Christ’s ascent into heaven and his victory over all authorities and powers assure us that this is true. 

This mirrors our experience in Lent. As we begin our forty days of fasting and repentance, the scriptures remind us of our baptismal identity. We are God’s children and God’s beloved, and God’s promises of forgiveness will sustain us during these forty days. After Lent is over, we will proclaim Jesus’ resurrection and God’s kingdom during the season of Easter.

May we find comfort and hope in the promises of our Savior during this season of repentance.

How do our baptisms and seasons of repentance ready us for mission and ministry?

(Resources are from, Sermon that Works)

Vicar’s Note: Our Wednesday bible Study session will resume on Feb. 24th at 11am. You will receive the appointed bible passage and zoom invite at the start of that week. 

We would like to remind all parishioners and worshippers of our church to continue sending your tithes, donations and/or offering envelopes to our church office. We are so incredibly grateful for your continued generosity and support to the work and ministry of our parish.

For your pastoral care, prayers and/or spiritual counselling, please contact me at 604-591-8323 or at

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