We are hosting Morning Virtual Prayer Services.  If you would like to join us, you have to write a request via email (saintmichaels@telus.net) for the link  to be provided to you. 

Let us continue to offer prayers of healing and calmness in the midst of anxiety and uncertainty among peoples and communities here and across the globe.

Starting on Sunday, June 20th, 2021 St. Michael’s will be re-starting in-person services.  Sunday service times as follows: 8:15am – B.C.P. Service and 9:15am – B.A.S. Service. Hand gloves and Face masks will be available to anyone who wishes to use them while inside the church premises.  If you do not feel comfortable attending or unable to attend an in person service the 9:15 service will be live-streamed via Zoom. These church services will be in the form of the Holy Eucharist with communion of one kind,  Bread Only.  We will conform to the bishop’s pastoral letter by following all the COVID safety protocols including masking. The maximum number of people allowed to gather for in person worship indoors is expected to be 50. Please go over the following protocols. 

  1. It is requested that masks be worn upon entry to the church and kept on for the entirety of the liturgy. 
  2. Greeters/welcomers should wear masks. 
  3. Anyone speaking or leading singing may remove their mask for this role. 
  4. People encouraged to distance from one another (unless from the same household) to help build confidence for those hesitant about returning to in-person worship.  
  5. Prior to receiving Communion, individuals should sanitize their hands.
  6. A choir leading the music in worship is permitted.
  7. Congregational singing is permitted but attendees should keep their face masks on.
  8. It is no longer necessary to pre-register or collect contact tracing information for those attending worship.
  9. Washrooms no longer need to be designated “for emergency only.”
  10. In terms of Communion, the Peace and Offertory plates, there are protocols that will continue to be in place for the time being: 
    • Communion is in one kind only (except for the priest), the bread/body of Christ.  The cup/wine/blood of Christ will not be offered to anyone other than the presider at this time. 
    • At the time of exchanging the Peace of Christ, there must not be handshaking or hugs (except between members of the same household).  Please nod or bow to one another.  
    • At this time, do not pass Offertory Plates.  Offertory plates can be placed at the door and may be brought forward during the time that the offering is received.  

St. Michaels Anglican Church welcomes visitors and all seeking a spiritual home. Our hospitality is one form of our worship.

Your joys and hurts, searching for God, learning and yearning, frustrations and sorrows, are important to us as a Christian community.

Come and Pursue Life to its Fullest

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St. Michael’s, Surrey has had a plot of land between its church and St. Michael’s house for a number of years.  After dealing with this for some time, a decision was made to apply to the City of Surrey for a “Community Enhancement Project” to create a community garden. The application was filled in last September with notification of receipt in January 2021.

Some church volunteers built 30 – 4’ x 8’ x 16” garden beds. Once the 30 raised garden beds were built, then, our volunteers filled them with dirt of garden soil delivered to the site. Sourcing water from the nearby St. Michael’s House was installed, with two faucets and water was ready for gardeners.  

We are now accepting applications from anyone who wishes to rent out a box or two. We had all 30 beds in place, filled with dirt, and water faucets in place.

We are looking forward to having more people involved in growing food and flowers in the garden. If you are interested, Please contact the church office at 604-591-8323 (leave a message) or at saintmichaels@telus.net. We will connect you with one of our coordinators.