We are hosting Morning Virtual Prayer Services.  If you would like to join us and are not comfortable doing so in person, you have to write a request via email (saintmichaels@telus.net) for the link  to be provided to you. 

Phase III Protocols

  • Worship Service will be Holy Communion.

  • The entrance door will remain open to prevent surface contamination of handles and to increase ventilation.

  • Pews will be measured off in 6 feet sections and marked with tape. Please sit on the pews that are unmarked with tape.

  • Physical distancing must be observed, and we must refrain from touching each other.

  • Music will be piano/organ only – congregational singing is not allowed but a designated soloist is permitted.

  • The offering plate will not be passed – it will be left on the table at the back of the sanctuary for your envelope offering.

  • Readers and Prayer leaders should remain in their seat while performing their ministry.

  • During Communion people will line up in the centre aisle, at least 6 feet apart.

  • Everyone who wants to receive Holy Communion must wear a mask.

  • Communicants will move forward one at a time towards the centre step at the front to receive the wafer at arm’s length. Priest will drop the wafer into their cupped palms.

  • Attendees who would prefer not to receive communion but would like a blessing may come forward and stand with your arms crossed and the priest will bless them.

  • After communion or blessing, attendees will leave the centre step and go back to their seat using the side aisles. Communicants will then consume their consecrated wafer.

  • Washrooms are for emergency use only –  users will be asked to sanitize the washroom sink and toilet after use – gloves, paper towels, and disinfectant solutions will be provided.

  • Bulletins will not be handed out – you will have to collect your bulletin on the table by the entrance doors. Afterwards, please place your used bulletin in the recycle bin by the exit doors at the end of the service.

  • Prayers books and Hymnals will be removed from the pews.

  • Fellowship (coffee hour) may be conducted in groups of 50 and under. A gloved person must distribute any food or drink. Buffets and self-serve food or drink are not permitted.

  • Guests are required to sign the guest book upon entry to the building with their full contact information in case they need to be contacted because of any COVID-19 alerts.

FYI: St. Michael’s will provide hand sanitizer, face face, and hand gloves to those who wishes to use these items as additional protection to all of us coming back to our worship space.

Service times as of July 05th 2020 onward:

B.C.P. Service at 8.00 am (In-person at St. Michael’s and Online via Zoom).

B.A.S. Service at 9.15 am (In-person at St. Michael’s and Online via Zoom).

Let us continue to offer prayers of healing and calmness in the midst of anxiety and uncertainty among peoples and communities here and across the globe.

St. Michaels Anglican Church welcomes visitors and all seeking a spiritual home. Our hospitality is one form of our worship.

Your joys and hurts, searching for God, learning and yearning, frustrations and sorrows, are important to us as a Christian community.

Join us as “We Praise You, God” at either the 8:00 AM Book of Common Prayer service (said, traditional) or the 9:15 AM Book of Alternative service (sung, contemporary) on Sunday or in our programs and fellowship activities.

Come and Pursue Life to its Fullest

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