Sunday Reflection & Vicar’s Corner

Sunday’s Reflection: “When have you been called to give up the pleasures of the moment for lasting things?” Mark 8:31-38

Jesus is straightforward in this passage – no sugar coating his fate. He will be rejected, suffer, die, and rise again, he tells his disciples, drawing a reprimand from Peter. Jesus in turn scolds Peter for thinking from a human perspective rather than a divine one. Jesus continues with a similarly difficult message for his followers. Following him means losing one’s life and taking up the cross.

To “follow” Jesus is to deny one’s own wants and desires and do the right thing – the thing given you to do. Jesus didn’t want to die on a cross, but we see that he was confident in the glory of God that was to come, despite the painful costs. Important to consider is that as someone who loved Jesus, Peter was well-meaning in his “human perspective”. Certainly, he shuddered at the thought of Jesus’ suffering and death.

It’s easy to think that we must follow a lot of rules and do good things in order to be accepted by God, rather than trusting in his grace. 

How have you seen God do the seemingly impossible in your life or the lives of others?

Resources are from “Sermons that Work”

Vicar’s Note:

We would like to remind all parishioners and worshippers of our church to continue sending your tithes, donations and/or offering envelopes to our church office. We are so incredibly grateful for your continued generosity and support to the work and ministry of our parish. For your pastoral care, prayers and/or spiritual counselling, please contact me at 604-591-8323 or at

Today, (February 28, 2021) Bishop Stephens will be seated and installed as the 10th Bishop of the Diocese of New Westminster. The livestream on YouTube and diocesan website are linked to the diocesan Facebook page, Anglican Conversation will begin at 3:30pm. The livestream will begin with a video featuring music from around the diocese and images of diocesan parishes at worship, in ministry and in community. The livestream of the liturgy from Christ Church Cathedral will begin at 4pm. Please pray for Bishop John as he starts to minister to our diocese. Bishop Stephens’ contact information is Phone 604.684.6306 ext. 218.

World Day of Prayer: If anyone is interested, the Women’s Inter Church Council of Canada has a one hour video for World Day of prayer, which is normally the first Friday of March.  It can be accessed at We have permission from the Anglican Church Women, Diocese of New Westminster, to circulate the link to anyone who might be interested. 

Holy Week Online Services

Palm Sunday Service, March 28, at  9:30 a.m.

Maundy Thursday Service, April 1, at 6:30 pm

Good Friday Service, April 2, at 10am.

Easter Sunday Service, April 4, at 9:30 a.m.

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