Michael’s Messenger

Church Newsletter

We publish a quarterly newsletter full of features about our Church, our Community and upcoming events.

The Messenger carries a message from our Clergy Team, and stories about the people in our Parish. It’s a great way to keep up to date with what’s going on right here and now, and find out what’s on the horizon.

Would you like to receive a copy? Please contact us using our online Contact Form.

We cheerfully accept submissions! Please send your stories, articles and ideas to


Submissions are used according to available space and may be edited.

Michael’s Messenger May 2015

Michael’s Messenger September 2015

Michael’s Messenger December 2015

Michael’s Messenger April 2016





Michael’s Messenger April 2017

Michael’s Messenger-September 2017 

Michael’s Messenger-December 2017

Michael’s Messenger-March 2018

Michael’s Messenger-June 2018

Michael’s Messenger-September 2018

michael’s messenger-january 2019

Michael’s Messenger-May 2019

Michael’s Messenger-Sept. 2019

Michael’s Messenger-Jan. 2020

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