Sunday Reflection & Vicar’s Note

Sunday’s Reflection: In this scene, Jesus is talking with Elijah and Moses. In this moment of God’s glory revealed in the Transfiguration of Christ Jesus, as the disciples stood stunned and as Jesus spoke with Moses and Elijah, there is silence. 

Peter, James, and John had been with Jesus for some time now and witnessed his many works, like walking on water. Yet, at the Transfiguration, they were still shocked to see Jesus’ divinity revealed in glory. Silence may unsettle us. And, like Peter, we may start talking simply to fill the air because we are uncomfortable in silence. Still, even in confusion and fear and trembling and silence, light shines and God speaks. We may not fully comprehend why we are there at that moment, why we have the privilege to be on the mountaintop to witness a revelation, but as disciples, we may be called simply to listen.

Today, we listen to so many voices, all of which seem wise and attractive—columnists, commentators, political analysts, preachers, celebrities and more. They promise us health, wealth, and happiness, but seldom live up to their promises and sometimes lead people toward devastation. Is there any trustworthy voice amidst the chaos in life? The voice from the cloud says that we can always trust Jesus—”Listen to him!” (Resources are from, Sermon that works)

Vicar’s Note: Our Wednesday bible Study session will resume on Feb. 24th at 10am. You will receive the appointed bible passage and zoom invite at the start of that week. 

We would like to remind all parishioners and worshippers of our church to continue sending your tithes, donations and/or offering envelopes to our church office. We are so incredibly grateful for your continued generosity and support to the work and ministry of our parish.

For your pastoral care, prayers and/or spiritual counselling, please contact me at 604-591-8323 or at

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