Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

Sunday Reflection: “At that time, the tax collectors and sinners were all crowding round to listen to Jesus.They want to listen to Jesus.This is a sign that they do not feel condemned, but rather they feel accepted by Jesus.Jesus had told them to accept the excluded, the sick, the possessed and to gather them for the banquet.
“Which one of you, with a hundred sheep, if he lost one, would fail to leave the ninety-nine and go after the missing one until he found it?” Before giving a response, Jesus must have looked around to see who was listening to Him to see how they would have answered.“Yes, he will go after the lost sheep!”
Jesus wants us to become aware, conscious of the Pharisee or the scribe which is in each one of us.
Jesus makes them and us know: “If you feel that you are a lost sinner, remember that for God you are worth more than the other ninety-nine sheep. And in the case that you are converted, know that there will be “greater joy in heaven for a sinner who is converted, than for ninety-nine just who do not need conversion.”
Is there a person responsibility in looking for and finding lost sheep, or is it just an institutional one – just for the Church and priests and Deacons?
Prayer: God of power and mercy,only with Your help can we offer You fitting service and praise. May we live the faith we profess and trust Your promise of eternal life.

Rectors’ Corner: Welcome Back to The Reverend Peter Smyth! Today, Peter will preside and preach on both of our Sunday Worship Services. Again, please extend your warm welcome and hospitality to our guest clergy.

As we come closer to our parish 60thanniversary, my hope and prayer is that members of the parish have re-connected with people who have been part of St. Michael’s congregation.  I encourage you all to invite families and friends to come and celebrate with us on Sunday, Sept. 29th.
While we can do this is a variety of ways, I still think that the most effective way to invite people to come to St. Mike’s anniversary is by word of mouth.  Please make an intentional effort by giving someone a phone call, or if possible, a personal visit.

On another note. When you have received a copy of our parish newsletter, “The Messenger”, I would like to hear some of your feedback with regards to the articles or information about our Sunday attendance and financial status. I would ask the leadership of our parish to call a parish meetingbefore the end of this year. I wanted to know from you, members of the parish, on how best we could continue our parish ministry. I think it is important to weigh the viability and future ministry of our parish congregation.

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