Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

Sunday Reflection: It is extremely significant that we consider this passage as we draw near to St. Michael’s 60thAnniversary. Jesus offered himself to all of us. He also was honest from the very beginning of his preaching about what it means to be involve in his mission. What Jesus asks for is first place in one’s heart. That is what successful discipleship requires.
A disciple is a learner, and the primary teacher in life is Jesus. This total loyalty is significant, given the challenges of mission work then and now. If his followers care more about other priorities than about Jesus, He made it very clear that we are not worthy to be His followers. Discipleship is not possible if Jesus is not the center of our life.
Discipleship is basically allegiance. To follow Jesus is to rely on him. Learning from Jesus means following him in spite of being rejected by other people. Discipleship is serious business to Jesus. To be a disciple and complete the task, we must count the cost. It is a good idea to actively be part of a church community and come to terms with God. But that means we must humbly come to him on his terms. Successful discipleship requires that God be first.

Do you build in time to pause and to re-evaluate habits and commitments and how we might live in a more Christ-shaped way?

Rectors’ Corner: We are just three weeks away from our parish 60th anniversary. My hope is that by this time, we, members of the parish, have
re-connected with people who have been a part of St. Michael’s congregation.  I encourage you all to invite families and friends to come and celebrate with us on the 29th.
While we can do this is a variety of ways, I still think that the most effective way to invite people to come to St. Mike’s anniversary is by word of mouth.  Please make an intentional effort by giving someone a phone call, or if possible, a personal visit.
On another note. When you have received a copy of our parish newsletter, “The Messenger”, I would like to hear some of your feedback with regards to the articles or information about our Sunday attendance and financial status. I would ask the leadership of our parish to call a parish meetingbefore the end of this year. I wanted to know from you, members of the parish, on how best we could continue our parish ministry. I think it is important to weigh the viability and future ministry of our parish congregation.


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