Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

Sunday Reflection: Every human situation was, for Jesus, an opportunity to grow in wisdom.  The point of this passage is in the commendation of the dishonest steward, not for the moral quality of his behaviour, but for his worldly prudence in using the things of this life to ensure his future in this life. The parable makes us think that we get into messy situations, and this person was trying to do his best. Probably letting the debtors off the huge interest and on what was owed, and which had been got in corrupt dealings! God is bigger than any of our small laws and rituals.
The message as well is to use money in the service of God, ‘tainted though it is’. We know how our wealth and prosperity can lead to greed or corruption, or to improving the lives of others. As with all we have, all is gift and to be used for the common good.
Possessions are a responsibility. Their use is a test of character, values and stewardship.
This expectation is only the first step towards the stewardship of the Kingdom of God. The true expectation of a good steward is complete trust and faith in the power of God for everybody regardless of the circumstance. This is what serving God and God alone looks like.

What does stewardship look like in our present ministry at St. Michael’s? What is stewardship in your daily life?

Rectors’ Corner: Next Sunday, we will celebrate our parish’s 60th anniversary. Perhaps, it is worth reflecting to look back and count the many blessings that God has given each and everyone of us through Jesus Christ. My hope is that St. Michael’s has been and will continue to be a place for our nurture and spiritual encouragement. We still have a few more days to re-connected with people who have been part of St. Michael’s congregation.

I hope to see you all next Sunday and celebrate this joyous occasion in the life of our parish.

On another note. When you have received a copy of our parish newsletter, “The Messenger”, I would like to hear some of your feedback with regards to the articles or information about our Sunday attendance and financial status. I would ask the leadership of our parish to call a parish meeting before the end of this year. I wanted to know from you, members of the parish, on how best we could continue our parish ministry. I think it is important to weigh the viability and future ministry of our parish congregation.

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