Sunday reflection & rector’s Corner

Sunday Reflection:The Pharisees closely watched Jesus during the course of his ministry, and the gospel today is not the first time Jesus would have encounter this group of people.

Jesus is very observant of the behavior of the dinner guests (14:7).

Their problematic snobby and exclusive behavior prompts Jesus to share a parable with them. Jesus observed that as the guests arrived they scrambled for front row seats closest to the host, in the VIP section.

Jesus makes an important point in the parable. People who uplift themselves will be humbled, but those who humble themselves will be exalted (14:11).

Also, in the Gospel of Luke, meals provide central settings for Jesus’ mission. The language of food, in general, serves as a basis for Jesus’ teaching. Eating is a sign of life and celebration. This is no different to what we do during St. Michael’s potluck fellowship. Food has religious connotations as well because it can be a tool to build community. Jesus “blessed” food and prayed for it daily.

This is a strong foundation in praying The Lord’s Prayer. How do we see the relationship of humility and the gift of food? How can we continue to build relationship around humility and fellowship? How can we exercise humility before God and people?

Rectors’ Corner: In my continuing quest to learn more about the history of our St. Michael’s Church, I came across this article written by Amy Barker on the occasion of The Consecration of St. Michael’s Anglican Church by The Right Reverend Thomas David Somerville, Bishop of the Diocese of New Westminster, on Tuesday, December 14, 1971, at 8:00pm.

My goal in sharing to you the beginnings of St. Michael’s, as written by Amy Barker, is to inspire and renew your love, faithfulness and commitment to our congregation. Also, please know that there will be an official write-up that would be published in “The Topic” (Diocesan Newsletter) and “Michael’s Messenger” (Parish Newsletter) this month. The article below does not, in any way, contradict what you will read in the next issue of the newsletters. This is another perspective that may assist you reminisce the past but at the same time work even harder to keep St. Michael healthy and vibrant. Happy reading! Louie (on Home page)

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