Rector’s Corner & Updates

Rector’s Corner: I just want to remind you that next Sunday will be the start of Holy Week. Our Lenten pilgrimage concludes with The Sacred Triduum; the Passion, Death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Everything that we believe in and do together as a faith community, has meaning because of the Resurrection.

Holy Week and Easter Day are ideal moments to once again invite our family and friends to worship with us in our parish of St. Michael’s, Surrey.

Sharing of Joys and Concerns: At our 10:00am worship Service, this component of the liturgy is meant to support our parishioners and church families to pray for our spiritual needs. It also enables us to engage in community life. I hope that you find this section supportive to your spirituality. FYI: We will skip this part for the next couple of weeks; Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.

Open House for St. Michael’s: An idea came up at the recent parish council meeting to organize an “Open House” this summer. The goal is to advertise our Church for ministry opportunities in the neighbourhood. We also had this conversation during the A.G.M. If you have some marketing ideas or strategies, you could assist the working team plan for this event. Please let Fr. Louie know at 605-591-8323.

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