Sunday Reflection

5 Marks of Love: Living Life Marked as Christ’s Own

Br. Jim Woodrum (S.S.J.E)

Everywhere we look, we see a world in desperate need of healing. So where do we even begin? Br. Jim Woodrum invites us to consider mission through the lens of “vocation”: what is the unique way in which you are being called to participate in God’s mission.

The third mark of mission says, “To respond to human need through loving service.”  But where do we begin?  Everywhere we look we see a world that is hurting and in desperate need of healing.  It can often be daunting to even take the first step.  But I think that Jesus gives us a clue in Matthew’s gospel.  You may remember he’s asked, “Which commandment of the law is the greatest?”  And Jesus replies, “To love your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.”  But then he adds a second part that he says is just as important.  He says, “And to love your neighbour as yourself.”

There is a Latin word, vocare, which means to call.  It’s where we get the word vocation.  Walter Brueggemann defines vocation as a purpose for being in the world that is related to the purposes of God.  So one way we might pray with the third mark of mission is first to discern what is the mission of God.  How is God working in the world?  And then the second part would be what is my unique way of participating in God’s mission.

Question: What is God’s mission in the world? What is your unique way of participating in that mission?

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