Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

Question: Ask God for help in being aware of the choices you are making which contribute to the suffering of others. What actions could you take to transform that suffering?

In the Rite of Holy Baptism, the candidates are first presented by name.  They are then asked a question, “What do you seek?”  At the time of their response, they say, “I do” and they are asked to make baptismal vows.  This is an electrifying and very powerful moment in the baptismal rite when it is used in its fullness.  The candidates make three renunciations of evil in all its forms.  “I renounce them.  I renounce them.  I renounce them,” as they face to the west.  Then they are invited to turn, to turn to the east, toward the rising sun, as they are asked to turn to Christ as their Savior, to trust in his grace and love, and to obey Him as Lord.  “I do.  I do.  I do.”

We’re committed, right from the first by God’s love, to this awareness of the world as it is, not as we would have it.  We are reminded each Lent on Ash Wednesday, in the litany of penitence, how we can become complicit in the evil which we have renounced, or become lax in the ways in which we follow Christ.  We confess our appetites and desires that in various ways ignore others and exploit other people.  We also speak of our carelessness and pollution of God’s environment and creation, and our lack of concern for others who are to come.

We’re called to this new awareness, this Christ awareness, that we may be transformed, and we transform the world to God’s vision.  Ask God for help in being aware of the choices you’re making which contribute to the suffering of others.  What actions could you take to transform that suffering? 5 Marks of Love by Br. Jonathan Maury

Rector’s Corner

I invite you and your families to come and participate in our Holy Week Services. While it is true that we live in a society that is predominantly secular, we just cannot discount the fact that Jesus came into the world for us and manifested the true meaning of love and forgiveness. Let this inspire us to pray and act as God’s loving and compassionate children.

Everything that we believe in and do together as a faith community, has meaning because of the Resurrection.

Holy Week and Easter Day are ideal moments to once again invite our family and friends to worship with us in our parish of St. Michael’s, Surrey.

Let us Pray: Holy and immortal God, as we enter into this holy week turn our hearts to Jerusalem, so that, united with Christ and all the faithful, we may enter the city not made with hands, your promised realm of justice and peace, eternal from age to age.  Amen.

A Prayer Book for Australia 1995 alt.

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