Sunday Reflection

“Christ’s Ascension is therefore also our own, upon the glory of the Head rests the hope of the body.  On this holy day, we have received not only the assurance of entering into possession of eternal glory, but we have already entered into the heights of heaven with Christ Jesus.”
Leo, Sermon 1 De Acensione Domini c. Iv

Jesus glorified humanity when He returned to God and reunited us with God.  Jesus took on our human nature and then defied this human nature by taking his body to heaven and giving it a place of honour at the right hand of God.  With Christ, human nature also ascends and consummates the union of God and human.  He took with him all of humanity’s weaknesses and frailties-our fear, insecurity, feeling of rejection, hurts, anger, disappointments, despair, doubt, pettiness, resentment, bitterness-and transformed us into his image.  Christ’s redemptive ministry was not complete until he returned to God in bodily form.  By doing so, he made a way for all of humanity to experience God’s healing both in spirit and body.
The angel asked the disciples why they were looking into the sky where Jesus had just ascended.  We often find ourselves doing the same thing even today.  We look heavenward for answers, but the answers we look for are found right here.  They are in front of us and in our hearts where God dwells.  The answers are found in the people whom God brings into our lives, and they are revealed in the circumstances in which we find ourselves.  Christ’s redemptive work on the cross was completed when he ascended into Heaven.  Therefore he interceded for us in bodily form as we go about his business here on Earth.  We have been redeemed, not only in our spirits but also in the flesh through Christ’s ascensions.
Fr. Louie

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