Sunday Reflection

“Resurrection is…” and so far, the possibilities have included relationship, abundance, protection, and love.  This week?  Resurrection is companionship.” Karoline Lewis

Why companionship?  The primary reason for the gift of the Spirit is so that the disciples might experience the presence of Jesus in his absence.  The resurrection, all well and good, still means the departure of Jesus.  And one extraordinary gift of the incarnation is knowing a kind of companionship for which we all long and desperately need.
The resurrection of Jesus promises lifelong companionship with Jesus and God.  Resurrection is that which secures companionship when only isolation and separation seemed the likely result.  What difference might this make for what difference the resurrection makes?  I wonder to what extent our fear of death is not a fear of tombs or graves or urns but that there just might be some consciousness of being alone.  Notice that so much of our resurrection imagination is reunion-that we will be with our loved ones again.  We are not meant to live companionless.  Yet so many of us do.
According to online Merrian-Webster, companionship is “the good feeling that comes from being with someone else.”  This criterion is worth some reflection.  I’d like to think that the good feeling Jesus is going for has to do with the reason for the incarnation in the first place.  I sense that many of us think we have companions.  But having someone to do things with is not the same as experiencing a good feeling from being with that someone.

The need for companionship is as basic, perhaps, as the need for that which keeps us alive.  That is, in part, John’s point.  The resurrection promises future companionship for us-with God, with Jesus, with each other.  This is the truth of the resurrection? From: Companionship for life
Fr. Louie

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