Sunday Reflection: Written by Samantha Haycock

Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31: In this section of Proverbs we hear an account of wisdom.  In the opening lines it is made clear that the message of this proverb is one of the great import, something that needs to be heard.  Wisdom raises her voices to remind us all of her presence with the works of God.  Wisdom has been with God from the beginning of creation.  Wisdom was present before the existence of the many works of God and Wisdom was witness to the creation of all things.  Wisdom is intertwined with the delight of God.

  • Wisdom delights in the inhabited world and therefor delights in us?
  • For what purpose do you take a stand, letting Wisdom speak through you?
  • How might we delight in Wisdom?
  • What makes known to you the delight that Wisdom in your being?

John 16: 12-15: God is not finished with us.  Jesus was not able to say all that needed to be said during his time on earth.  Our Gospel text this week reminds us that the truth is continually being revealed to us.  The spirit is ever alongside us, leading us into the way of truth and calling us to claim that which is of God.  Jesus states “you cannot bear them now.”  He knows that sometimes we are not ready for the next challenge.  Often we need to catch up with ourselves.  We can rest assured that God will be along side us through it all and will reveal all things to us in due time.

  • What do you think that Jesus still has to say to you?
  • How has the spirit guided you in truth throughout your life?
  • How might be open to what the spirit has to declare to you?
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