Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

Sunday Reflection: My kingdom is not from this world.” In the face of senseless violence, sheer horror and acts of violence, God’s kingdom and peace be triumphant in these kinds of days, in these kinds of moments, in this kind of world.
God’s kingdom is our calling to strive to make a difference. I believe this is the reason why “we are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, A holy nation, God’s own people in order that we may proclaim the mighty acts of God who called us out of darkness into God’s marvelous light.” (I Peter 2:9)
We are people of light and life. “The Reign of Christ” is a helpful corrective concept for this festival Sunday, and realizing that Jesus’ kingdom is a state of being, a way to live, and a commitment to a particular way to view the world.
Jesus said, “My kingdom is not from this world” because it is from God. Just as Jesus is from God (John 1:1) and Jesus is God’s kingdom. That’s a whole different perspective on kingdom. When kingdom is construed from the truth of relationship and not rule, from the truth of incarnation and not location, from the truth of love and not law, then Jesus as truth will ring true. Karoline Lewis

Rector’s Corner: Today, The Reign of Christ, is also designated in our Diocese as “PWRDF Sunday”. This is to highlight the work of the PWRDF as a vehicle that we Anglicans can use to live out our mission and respond collectively to needs we and our partners identify. You are invited to make donations to the PWRDF unit of our Diocese thru Mr. Peter Goodwin at
We will need some help to put up our Advent decorations, on Saturday, Nov. 28th, at 10am, in the Church. For details, you can talk to Andy and Coleen Whitmore at 604-590-3997.
On Saturday, Dec. 5th, is our Annual Karaoke Night and Community Potluck Supper, in the Millennium Hall. Bring your Favourite dish, Invite a friend and set your voices to sing and have fun the whole evening. This event is in cooperation with Sources Life skills Centre. We hope to see you there!

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