Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

Sunday Reflection: As we begin a brand new year in the Anglican Church, let us adopt a brand new attitude in our prayer that includes communities of faith across the world that may not be Christian.  We may find ourselves feeling like we are not able to do anything about the terrible suffering in the world, but we can begin with ourselves.  Let us adopt a brand new attitude to work towards addressing our own terrible suffering, those within our families and within our circle of friends.  Then we will be more able to share this attitude with others who we meet in our everyday lives.  Stuck behing a slow moving vehicle; pray for the safety of all who drive.  Restless children in the doctors’ office; help out with a kind smile to the caregivers or offer to help.  An elderly gentlemen strugglinf with groceries; offer to assist him. Krista Fry

Rector’s Corner: On Thursday, Dec. 3, Sources Life Skills Centre will be presenting a fall Musical Theatre entitled, “The Stars of Christmas”. St. Michael’s Church was given 20 tickets worth $10 each.  The proceeds of these 20 tickets will go to the church funds for the repainting project.  This also includes a light lunch in the Millennium Hall.  Please phone the church office if you are interested in the show.

On Saturday, Dec. 5, is our Annual Karoke Night and Community Potluck Supper, in the Millennium Hall.  Bring your favourite dish, invite a friend and set your voices to sing and have fun the whole evening.  This event is in cooperation with Sources Life Skills Centre.  We hope to see you there!

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