Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

Sunday’s Reflection: Mark’s Gospel calls forth the question: how tied are we to our institutions and the present order?  How hard do we work to keep the walls of our lives up?  As a culture we invest so much in keeping things the same.  What if instead of acting on our instinct to protect the walls that we construct, we acted first out of love?  How would we be willing to change to accommodate refugees fleeing terror and violence?  Instead of worshiping the idols of our institutional walls and status quo, let us be transformed by the God of change and love, for indeed “all things will be thrown down.”  As a faith community, we should be ready into vulnerable space of change.  (Sermon that Works).

Rector’s Corner: Next Sunday, we will be celebrating The Reign of Christ.  Bishop Melissa Skelton has also designated this Sunday in our Diocese as “PWRDF Sunday”.  This is to highlight the work of the PWRDF as a vehicle that we Anglicans can use to live out our mission and respond collectively to needs we and our partners identify.  You are invited to make donations to the PWRDF unit of our Diocese thru Mr. Peter Goodwin at
We will need some help to put up our Advent decorations, on Saturday, Nov. 28th, at 10am, in the Church.  For details, you can talk to Andy and Coleen Whitmore at 604-590-3997.
We will be having our Annual Karaoke Night and Community Potluck Supper, on Saturday, Dec. 5th in the Millennium Hall.  Bring your favourtie dish, invite a friend and set your voices to sing and have fun the whole evening.  This event is in cooperation with Sources Life Skills Centre.  We hope to see you there!

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