Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

Sunday Reflection: We all have gifts and talents that we share with each other throughout our lives.  Sometimes we may not even know that we are actually sharing it with someone but we do so without any notion of receiving a pat on the back or a return favour.  For example, a conversation with a fellow parish family member about a new recipe may have beneficial ingredients that end up being really helpful to that person.  Giving of ourselves to another person in thought, word or deed need not be about what we get in return, for we will receive our Blessings unannounced in many other ways and in Heaven when we will all be one with the Lord.  Let us consider our gifts and talents while looking for places to share with and consider also the trades or talents that we may receive from another.  We may find that all we need is right before us without having to search too far.  Ask and ye shall receive.  Let us see in each other our gifts freely given by the Father that we may share them.  From Krista Fry

Rector’s Corner: Sara Batt has moved home to Brandon, Manitoba to be reunited with her family and friends.  Please keep Sara in your prayers as she continues to serve in the Church.
I continue to ask your prayers for our parish of St. Michael’s.  May the spirit of forgiveness, reconciliation and respect be always in our hearts.  May we be reminded that God called us to be agents of peace and love.
Krista will be away for a week to visit family and friends.  Pray for her safe travels.
The office will be closed on November 11 for Remembrance Day.

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