Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

Sunday Reflection: “For all the saints who from their labour rest, who thee by faith before the world confessed, thy name, O Jesus, be forever blest. Alleluia! Alleluia!”  This line is from the Common Praise Hymnal (#276) entitled “For All the saints”.  Some of us may have been brought up in the tradition Saints are the people who lived an exemplary life during their time.  Meaning they were pure, upright or sinless.  And, because of their exemplary life, they are privileged to enter the gates of heaven.
My friends, more than these qualities, we are all saints in our own way.  If your advocate the rights of the poor, the needy and those who are destitute, you are a saint.  If you uphold, protect and care for the environment, you are a saint.  If you encourage people to witness to the life, works and ministry of Jesus Christ, you are a saint.  If we are going to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to those around us, it will be by the way we live.  How much of an impact does Jesus have on the way we lead our lives?
A Saint is a follower of Jesus.  One who believes and lives-out the teaching of Christ.  Live the life of a Saint.

Rector’s Corner: I continue to ask your prayers for our parish of St. Michael’s.  May the spirit of forgiveness, reconciliation and respect be always in our hearts.  May we be reminded that God called us to be agents of peace and love.
The Bishop’s Clergy Silent Retreat will be held next week.  Should you need pastoral concerns, please get in touch with the office at 605-591-8323.  For all other ministerial needs, you can also contact the church wardens.
If you have any announcement request, please fill in the form found at the back of the church.  Then hand it over to the greeters.

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