Sunday Reflection

The Ascension is the fulfillment of Jesus’ conversation with the Father found here in the Gospel according to John. It is not just that he ascends into heaven somewhere beyond the clouds; Jesus re-enters into the full presence of God from which he came, wherewith he abided before all things were created. Jesus, with his own words, affirms what we read in John 1:1-10. Whereas before we did not know him or who he was, now we do. In this, Jesus prays that we would become one with him and each other as he is one with God. We are invited, through Jesus, into his ascension. Jesus calls us by name to enter with him into the full presence of God forever.

Jesus’s life is a glorification of God. As his disciples, we too are called to glorify God. How do we glorify God in our lives? How do we glorify God with our lives?

Jesus speaks of “my Father” or “the Father”—establishing his unique relationship with the Father. Therefore, Christians should also establish a unique relationship with God, our creator. •   The glory of the Son, in this Gospel, finds its culmination in the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. Jesus’ focus in this Gospel is his own glorification as a means of glorifying the Father.

The church is Christ’s body given the task to grow and spread this good news. However imperfect we may be today, we have been commissioned in glorifying the Lord. This is a prayer that, in many respects, Christians work together across denominational lines in many ways. The unity for which Jesus is praying is deeper—a unity of heart and purpose.

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