Sunday Reflection

Some thoughts on today’s scripture – John 14: 15-21

            Jesus is aware that the imminent loss of his physical presence will be a big blow for his disciples. He reassures them “‘I will not leave you orphaned”. The loss of his physical presence will be made up to them by the sending of the Holy Spirit, who will be with them permanently.

            In our changing and increasingly secularised society, one can easily feel a sense of loss and abandonment, but the Holy Spirit continues to guide and inspire us into new and creative forms of communicating the Good News in ways that are relevant to today’s world.  One aspect of Good News is Love.

            Love is evident in action and any activity can be tiring. I do not need to rely on my own resources but turn to God who promises to help me, ready to send the Holy Spirit. To be open to the spirit, I must quieten first my body, then my heart. In this time of quiet God teaches me to see my world differently; I don’t act in it alone but am accompanied by God’s ever-present Spirit.

            Jesus talks about the Holy Spirit, whom he calls the Spirit of Truth. This is the Spirit who reveals to me the truth of who I am – a child of God within whom God lives. I hold within myself a spark of the Divine!

           How does this knowledge make me feel about myself? How does it affect my relationships – because within everyone is that same spark of the Divine. How does it affect my relationship with God? 

            Reprinted from “Sacred Space” – submitted by A. Whitmore

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