Sunday Reflection

Easter reminds us that after the darkness, there is always light. This year, in 2023, when our world seems so challenging and uncertain, I pray that you feel the peace and love of God at Easter. We are here at a time when the world appears to be pondering its self-identity and mission. The gospel says, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 5:1

As we celebrate the glorious resurrection of Jesus this Easter, there is no better time to worship whole-heartedly and to reach out to your community effectively. We are called to share our hope of eternal life with newcomers who show up through the doors for Sunday services, as well as neighbors who are on the outside of our church family.

Perhaps, we look to God to forgive us when actually God wants to make us completely new. The resurrection of Jesus gives us the capability and purposefulness to become new missionaries and instruments of God’s intentions and aspirations for the whole creation. God is restoring creation in the resurrection of Jesus. In the name of Jesus there is new life, new hope and new beginning. This is what we celebrate, and this is what we proclaim. 

To end, I would like to share these words from Bishop David Somerville, “Are we going to be the ‘Holy Huddle’ that just gathers together on Sunday or are we going to get to work trying to meet the needs of the community in which this building stands? What’s the building for?”

Peace, love and joy are my wishes for you this Easter.

The Venerable Louie Engnan, Vicar

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