Sunday Reflection & Vicar’s note

Sunday Reflection:  The gospel today is a climax for Jesus’ teaching, healing, and feeding in Matthew. The Pharisees and Sadducees want yet another sign at the beginning of the chapter, but ordinary Peter is confident that Jesus is the Messiah.

Peter receives honor in each of the gospels, but in Matthew, there is a direct reference to the Church. There is no Church without the confession of Jesus as the promised Messiah, and even at this moment, the Church is in conflict with “gates of Hades” (NRSV). Further, the Church is aggressive against the gates of hell, entrusted with authority and ultimately victorious. It is done. Death is permanently defeated but continues to terrorize and deceive unaware souls. Fear of death is not the same as death.

In his letter, Paul wrote to the Romans, (12:1-8) and it was an instruction on Christian community that contrasts our bodies, which stand for our entire selves, with the community as a body. He calls for faithful, sober, and wholesome living (often translated as “perfect”) in contrast to the passions in Romans 1:18-32. Paul supports an austere, communal life with times of ecstatic prayer but was not a believer in marriage and family life.

  • In your spiritual imagination, what do you understand to be Peter’s keys?    Sermon that Works, written by Lea Covill.

Vicar’s Note: Welcome! Today is the re-start of our Sunday Holy Communion Service. I would like to thank all members of St. Mike’s parish council for assisting in completing our approved Phase 3 re-opening plan to the Archbishop’s Office. We are now allowed to receive holy communion in one kind, the consecrated bread.

Fellowship (coffee hours, socials, etc.) may now be conducted in groups of 50 and under. Pastoral Care may be done in one-on-one meetings in the church building as long as physical distancing is adhered to. Home visits are permitted with the permission of the Archbishop.

Outdoor Eucharist & BBQ on Sunday, Sept. 6th, 1:30pm in the green space of St. Mike’s property. Please bring your lawn chair. BBQ & Hotdogs will be supplied by the church. Hope to see you all. Thank you!

The Venerable Louie Engnan, Vicar.

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