Sunday reflection & Vicar’s Note

Sunday Reflections:  This short text provides a raw, telling glimpse of the human Jesus, for this is the only instance in the Gospels when he loses an argument! Whenever he is confronted publicly Jesus always has a response to his questioners. But in this instance, his female Canaanite speaker manages to stump him – a major embarrassment for a middle- eastern man of the 1st century. More significantly, it appears that Jesus evolves in his thinking about the nature and scope of his ministry. He initially makes it clear to the woman that he has come for the sake of Israel, but by the conclusion of this episode something has changed. Could this be the moment when Jesus realized that the salvation he brought was to be for the nations as well?

  • This story serves as a challenge to the closed religious mind – those who see faith as static and not subject to development. Jesus exhibits a willingness and ability to change and take on a new perspective. Are there any areas of your faith life where you might be closed-minded or short-sighted?
  • How have you been challenged with a new perspective and way of articulating some aspect of your faith that made you feel uncomfortable, but resonated with you nonetheless?
  • How does our encounter with and contemplation of the humanness of Jesus nourish our spirituality, identity as disciples, and faith life? Sermon that Works, written by Brian Pinter.

Vicar’s Note: St. Mike’s lay leadership team has submitted our application to move into Phase 3 of our re-opening plan to the Archbishop’s Office. During Phase 3, parishes are allowed to celebrate Holy Eucharist, with only the priest receiving the bread and wine. Communion will be in one kind only for parishioners, the consecrated bread. Fellowship (coffee hours, socials, lunches, dinners, interest groups  gathering like Bible study, A.C.W. meetings) may be conducted in groups of 50 and under. Pastoral Care may be done in one-on-one meetings in the church building as long as physical distancing is adhered to. Home visits are NOT permitted at this time without the permission of the Archbishop. You can read the full Diocesan Guidelines about in-person worship service by visiting the link below. Any further questions, please let me know. Thank you! The Venerable Louie Engnan, Vicar.

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