Sunday Reflection

 “Who will roll away the stone for us from the entrance to the tomb?” Mark 16:3

Reflection: It’s only the beginning; this story isn’t over. It’s only the beginning, and we have a part to play. It’s only the beginning, and if you wonder why there is still so much distress and pain in the world, it’s because God’s not done yet. It’s only the beginning, and Mark is inviting us to get out of our seats and into the game, sharing the good news of Jesus’ complete identification with those who are suffering and his triumph over injustice and death with everyone we meet. It’s only the beginning, and we’re empowered and equipped to work for the good in all situations because we trust God’s promises that all will in time come to a good end even when we can’t see evidence of that. It’s only the beginning….

This is the word we’re invited to offer, today and every week. That what we read, preach, and confess is only the beginning, and the rest – and perhaps even the best – of this story is unfolding before our eyes and, indeed, through our lives. Please know that God’s love and care for all of us is tremendous, consistent, faithful, and steadfast. As a church family, we should proclaim the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the grace of our creator. Thank you and, even more, thank God for you on this Easter Sunday.

Rector’s Corner:I would like to acknowledge the faithful stewardship of each and everyone of you. Your continued participation in the life of St. Michael’s gives meaning to our mission and ministry. Again, its only the beginning. Let us come together and re-shape the work of our parish congregation to be more relevant to ourselves and to the people that we engaged with from day to day.

Your story and your life is the gospel truth that would encourage other people to come and join our church family. Our church is a church of the resurrection. Meaning, our goal is to live a risen life and share this joyous life with people that we meet in our daily living.

My prayer is that God would give us the strength and will to roll the stone and experience a renewal of our mission towards growth and development.

Alleluia! Christ is risen.

The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia!

The Venerable Louie Engnan


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