Sunday Reflection


Bishop Susan Johnson

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

How quickly the crowd gathered around Jesus as he entered Jerusalem and how quickly they dispersed as he was arrested, tried and crucified. People were looking for a powerful figure to challenge the status quo.

As churches and as countries, we need to be aware of the ways in which we use power, even in the name of Jesus. We have a painful history of being colonizers and oppressors. How can we who proclaim Christ as our King resist the temptation to build kingdoms and instead work for justice and freedom for all people?

Prayer Blessed are you, Jesus, for in you we find strength and vulnerability. As we enter Holy Week, keep us mindful of all who are in need or are vulnerable. May your outpouring of love inspire us, in turn, to acts of deeper love. Amen.

Give us faith to face the forces, who line their pockets from this plague send us as salvation’s sponsors willing servants to love.

Refrain: God of freedom, Who leads us into life, Deliver us from every evil: And make us deliverers of others.

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