Sunday Reflection

Reflection: Our calling is to listen to the voice of God, often hidden in everyday experience, and then follow God’s guidance, shaping our encounters with God in our own unique ways.

After encountering Jesus, Philip invites Philip to become part of the Jesus movement. “Come and see,” Philip tells his brother. Sharing good news is about inviting others to share in the joys we have experienced.

Good news is embodied in the person of Jesus – his words, deeds, and presence. Good news is embodied in us – our words, deeds, and presence. Our hospitality is the greatest testimony to the love of God and the welcoming spirit of our congregation.

God is constantly speaking, and occasionally to you. The church is challenged to be a place of listening, sharing, and supporting, fully committed to a whole person mission. When we experience God’s presence, our calling is to share the good news we’ve received.

(Bruce Epperly)

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