Rector’s Corner

Rector’s Corner: Today, we read from the gospel Jesus’ inaugural public ministry. At the heart of this narrative is an invitation from Jesus to, “Follow me.” John 1: 43

A member of our congregation spoke to me about introducing something “new” in the parish. From what I gathered, the purpose of this new ministry is to open our parish to people who may have a different outlook about doing church.  At the same time, this could be an opportunity to attract new members to join St. Michael’s.

FYI: In the past, I have had the a few conversations with parishioners in regards to introducing something “new” in our parish ministry. I would like to reiterate that as your rector, I am very much open to new ministry initiatives. I am supportive to your ideas about growing the membership of our church. I also recognize that this is one, if not the most important task, that I should be doing as your priest.

Perhaps, you may want to dig up you files and re-visit the priest 2017 Annual Report to Vestry. I have lined up a few ministry initiatives with the hope that some, or many of you, would engage in this missionary work. I still need to hear from the congregation if there is any interest or enthusiasm around the suggestions that were put forward at Vestry.

If you think that none of the proposal generates membership grow, I am available to meet up with anyone of you at your convenience. I just hope that there would be some kind of commitment to participate in the implementation of such program. I also hope that you would devote your stewardship to grow our St. Michael’s.

What do you think should be the initial step in growing the membership of St. Michael’s? How would you participate to re-start, sustain and accomplished this mission? Or, is membership grow still a priority for our congregation?

Prayer Request: (3rd Week) During Advent, I sent out a note asking you to please assist us in updating our prayer list for Family and Friends. We would like to know if there is a possibility to do a mission (outreach) program. We would be grateful if you could let me know where they are and how are they doing. Please send me a short note in our church email address at or use the prayer request form on this bulletin.

Annual Reports: All Ministry coordinators are requested to submit your 2017 Annual Reports on or before Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018. This is in preparation for our Annual Vestry Meeting (or A.G.M.) on Feb. 25, 2018.

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