Sunday Reflection

Salvation—Not for Sale! As twenty-first century followers of Christ, it is all too easy to take up with those earliest followers and only see the expected. If so, we will miss so much. Sure, we can pray and go to church and move forward knowing that God loves us…and all this is good. All this is of God. But God wants more for us. God wants us to do more than just settle in our faith. If we just settle in our spiritual rocking chairs, we will miss out on all the miracles, we will miss out on all the divine opportunities, we will miss out on all the unexpected possibilities that God wants us to experience. If we dare to open our hearts to God’s grace, if we dare to open the eyes of our spirits, then we will discover what the beloved old hymn says, “I once was lost, but now am found, was blind, but now I see.”

As Christ’s followers today, as members of the Jesus Movement, we need to throw off the blinders that prevent us from experiencing the abundant life and remarkable ministry to which God calls each one of us. Let us follow not simply in the footsteps of those early disciples, but let us follow in the footsteps of Jesus himself who offered salvation freely. There are still people to be touched, lives to be changed. But will we dare to open our eyes and see what God may be trying to show us?

Will we dare to open our eyes and be evangelists, messengers of hope to those around us who may not even realize they desperately need that hope? ✦ Michael Curry, The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church (United States).

Advent and Christmas Special Events

Dec. 18th – 10:00am – Christmas Pageant and Holy Communion.

Dec. 24thChristmas Eve Service: 7:00pm – Carol Singing

7:30- Holy Communion and Candle Lighting Service.

Dec. 25th – 10:00am – Christmas Morning Eucharist.

We encourage everyone to bring your family and loved ones to our Services.

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