Sunday Reflection

Creation—Not for Sale! In today’s Gospel reading we hear John the Baptist calling the crowds to repentance, to a turning around of their lives, to a turning to God.  This turning must not be shallow, flaky, or fickle, but rather, deep, whole-hearted and unwavering. “Bear fruit” he cries out, “worthy of repentance” (v8). Let it be seen that your life indeed has turned around, that your focus is re-framed, and your priorities are re-set. Let it be seen that your actions line up with your expression of repentance.

As we consider God’s creation, there is an urgency of concern about the global environmental crisis.  We can no longer deny the harsh realities of islands drowning as sea levels rise; of deserts expanding in the face of unchecked deforestation; of weather patterns changing and growing violent as global warming continues; of lifestyles and livelihoods disappearing as the Arctic ice cap melts.

Before you Creator God, we pledge to take specific actions and to change our practices.  Jesus Christ calls us to conversion. “This “conversion” is the very thing that renowned environmentalist David Suzuki calls “the necessity for a massive change of spirit” on the part of leaders in government and industry and on the part of consumers in society…which includes us all. Suzuki has said he looks to both business communities and faith communities to provide leadership in calling for this “change of spirit”. ✦ Fred Hiltz, The Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada.

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