Thanksgiving Sunday Services

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

The worship services this coming Sunday, 8:30 and 10am,  would focus on our Thanksgiving to God for the unceasing love and blessings he has continued to shower us and our families. The Sundays Hymns and Lessons would proclaim this message during the Holy Eucharist. 
For me, this would be a perfect opportunity to bring our families and loved ones to Church and offer our prayers as God’s family. I strongly encourage you to make the invitation to your loved ones to come and worship at St. Michael’s Anglican Church, Surrey.
If each and everyone of us would come along with another person, it would have a significant impact on our mission of evangelism.
I appeal to all of you, make the invitation and pray to God that he will assist you to have the boldness in your missional calling to bring people to the Lord Jesus Christ.
Happy Thanksgiving! Hope to see you all in church this coming Sunday.
Fr. Louie Engnan
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