Rector’s Corner

Children’s and Youth Ministry is an area in our parish that continues to flourish with continuing conversation among ourselves and with the support of our parish leadership team.
Perhaps, an effective way to get our young people going is prayer, encouragement and partnership.  When I had this conversation with one of our members, we pinpointed the fact that anything (or everything) should be offered to the Lord.  This is where everything starts.  We ask all of your to pray for our children, youth and the elders of our congregation.
The second piece of this ministry is about encouragement.  How we do encourage our children and youth to feel that they are needed in our church?  How do we show them that they are part of this congregation?  How do we entrust them the mission of the Church?  For me, encouragement is giving our children and youth a character in our parish that would express their faith and be a model in their own risk.  It means exercising their ability to follow the Jesus movement in and out of our parish community.
Partnership.  How do we define this in the language of the parish?  For me, partnership is giving our children and youth the task to grow and mature in the faith through various initiatives that they can claim it is their own.  With the proper guidance and support, they should be able to initiate ministries that would make sense to their group.  Instead of telling them what they should be doing to the church, we should listen to them on what really is attractive to their group and be able to support them with their ides.
This is the second half of my reflection as we get ready for the visit of Caitlin Beck, Children and Youth Ministries Coordinator next Sunday, I hope to see you and your children come to church on Sunday.
                                                                                                                                                   Fr. Louie

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