Rector’s Corner

“What are you doing for the youth of our church?” 

At our recently concluded Annual Vestry Meeting, someone from the congregation asked Bishop Skelton, “What are you doing for the youth? There are few youth in our church.  There are a small number in this parish”.
Our Bishop responded by saying that our Diocese has now a Children and Youth Ministries Coordinator (CYMC). And that the CYMC is visiting and connecting with the different youth groups within our diocese.
More than a year ago, I convened a group of parishioners to re-start our youth ministry. Everyone in the group felt a huge amount of interest and energy for this new beginning.
Let me also mention that we even invited a youth pastor from Four Square Church. They started their group from 4 youth members. Today they have over a 100 youth who actively come to their church every week and they are fulfilling their ministry for the Kingdom of God.
The first part of this journey focused on building up their relationship with one another. Our parish youth volunteers organized different activities, like pizza day, movie night, bowling and even a flying session activity in Richmond, Langley and Maple Ridge.
These initiatives were done by our youth volunteers out of the goodness of their hearts. They offered their treasures to keep the relationship of our youth members and keep them interested in our parish.
Now that I have been here at St. Michael’s for a few years, I am still wondering why some of our folks are asking, what are you doing for the youth of our church? Perhaps, this question should be directed to us. What are you, members of this parish, parents, grandparents and even the youth themselves doing for our youth ministry?
As a parish, have we paid attention in supporting and guiding the children and youth to be a vital component for the growth and future of St. Michael’s?

The second half of this reflection will be shared with you next Sunday.  As we get ready for the visit of Caitlin Beck, Children and Youth Ministries Coordinator, on Sunday, April 17, I hope to see you and your children come to church on that Sunday.  Fr. Louie

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