Rector’s Corner & Sunday Reflection

Rector’s Corner: Next Sunday, in honour of St. Francis of Assisi, our parish will hold a Pet Blessing at 2:00pm. This would be an occasion for people and their pets to gather in a liturgical context. We give thanks to God for the beauty and wonders of this world that we share with all of God’s creation. Your Pet food donations will be channeled to the Surrey Community Pet food bank.

From the Parish Council: We would like to thank Alec Athey and Andy Whitmore for working with the Wardens in completing the new church signage at the front section of our property. Blessings to both of you

FYI: Parishioners wanting to get an updated report of all the concerns discussed and approved at parish council meeting, they are posted at the coffee/fellowship space just beside the coffee maker.

The parish council has approved the 1st Annual Parish Ministry Conference of St. Michael’s Church. It would be on Saturday, October 17th in the Millennium Hall. All are welcome to participate. This conversation aims at answering questions like: What is God calling us to do in our community? For this year a parish mission review will be part of the day’s agenda. Please mark your calendar.

Sunday Reflection: On Sept. 29th, we celebrate those mysterious beings which Scripture calls “angels,” a name which comes from the Greek word for “messengers.” Messengers from God can be visible or invisible, and may take human or non-human forms. Of the many angels mentioned in the Bible, only four are called by name: Michael, Gabriel, U’riel, and Ra’pha-el. In the Book of Revelation, the Archangel Michael is presented as the powerful agent of God who wards off evil from God’s people and delivers peace to them at the end of this life’s mortal struggle. Entertaining the possibility of angels may be one way of acknowledging the sheer diversity of life, visible and invisible, that God has ordained in creation.

Source:FOR All the SAINTS (REVISED) THE Anglican Church of canada

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