Sunday Reflection

In our Gospel reading of John 2: 1-11 – Jesus performs his first miracle by turning water into wine.  It was a sign of his divine sonship.  We might understand that Jesus and his family were invited to a wedding because they knew those who were getting married.  Jesus’ mother probably was helping out when she found out from the servants that the wine had run out.  Being the mother of Jesus, she witnessed the miracle of birth of John the Baptist, the miracle of her Son being born not from Joseph, but by heavenly divine, so also thought that Jesus would somehow find a way to solve the problem of running out of wine.  This was a major social faux pas. “To fail in providing adequately for the guests would involve social disgrace.  In the closely knit communities of Jesus’ day such an error would never be forgotten, and would haunt the newly married couple all their lives.”  Mary had a special relationship with her son and out of respect told the servants to do whatever Jesus asked them to do.  We know from the story that Jesus told the servants to fill the jars with water.  The servants under the direction of Jesus were in a unique place of blessing for this miracle. Jesus wanted the cooperation of men in this miracle. He could have filled the pots Himself, or just as easily created the liquid in the pots. But He knew that if the servants shared in the work, then they also shared in the blessing. The servants were especially blessed because they obeyed without question.  We note that the wine produced was of superior quality, and that this was a blessing to the wedding patrons as well as a blessing to us, as His blessings are always better than those we receive from an earthly standpoint. The old ways are challenged by the coming of Jesus. Jesus did not come to tidy up the old system or put a bandage on the Law of Moses. Jesus provides new wine that vastly surpasses anything that contemporary Judaism could afford, and renders obsolete the stone jars of purification. The Messiah, God’s greatest blessing, had arrived. Jesus came with a new way and a new system. Jesus came to change people, offering radical change, pouring out abundant grace.  (Procured from several Internet sources) Aw.

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