Sunday Reflection

Remembering: On this day, and all days, our greatest act of remembrance to those who faced the horrors of war is to seek the ways of peace in the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Peace is ours to cherish, to demand, to live and to create every day. We can create it in simple ways. We can reach out to our neighbours; make people who are unfamiliar, familiar. We can try to better understand one another. We can take the ideas we understand the least, or the perspectives we find the most difficult to adopt, and we can approach those perspectives in an open and respectful way. We may not always agree but when we disagree, it is with a family member, not the enemy.
Today in our worship service, let us continue to commit ourselves in prayer and deeds to work for reconciliation between the nations and all people that everyone may live together in freedom, justice and peace.”
Our passage from Mark 13:2 though tells us that “all will be thrown down.” However, the gospel is an appropriate exemplification that humanity and all of creation can rebuild relationships of love, peace and hope in the name of Jesus Christ. We look forward to that day when the kingdom of this world will be ordered by God’s peaceable reign. I would like to conclude with the Hymn, For the Healing of the Nations – C.P. 576 v. 1. 

For the healing of the nations, Lord, we pray with one accord, for a just and equal sharing of the things that earth affords.To a life of love in action help us rise and pledge our word.

Prayer: “Almighty God, our minds and hearts are with those who gather to witness Canada’s Soldiers who have given their lives for freedom and peace. Hear our prayer as we gratefully and enthusiastically join in the wave of remembrance sweeping across our nation.
In unity with all Canadians, of every race, gender, and creed we offer up prayers of thanksgiving for all those who made selfless sacrifices for God and country so that we and future generations might live in peace.
Bring your comfort and relief to those who mourn. Enable those who were wounded in body, mind, or spirit to live more peaceful and satisfying lives. Endow us all with a new resolve to hasten that day when war shall be no more, and Your will alone is done on all the earth. In Your Holy Name we pray. Amen.

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