Sunday Reflection

Sunday’s Reflection: Brian B. Pinter wrote, “Ministry often happens in the interruptions! We might have our plans and agendas, but life will interrupt, calling us to put those aside. The most meaningful, impactful moments come as interruptions, surprises, unexpected moments that become doorways of empathy and grace.”

The author of Mark’s Gospel uses a technique here called intercalation – the use of one passage to interpret another. Notice how skillfully Mark has woven together the story of the daughter of Jairus and the woman with the hemorrhage. Both are “daughters”, both seek assistance, they are at opposite and parallel ends of the economic hierarchy, one woman is old, the other young, and the 12-year-old daughter was born when the woman’s hemorrhage began. The bleeding woman is healed on two levels. First, her physical ailment is cured. Second, she is restored to right relationship with the community. Her issue of blood would have made her unclean and separated her from others. Jesus calls her “daughter”, signifying that her connection to the community has been restored. Where have you experienced grace in moments of “interruption”?

Reflections on Canada day and what it means to be Canadian: 

To be Canadian is to be kind: A nation is shaped by the character of its residents. Kindness is an ideal that has defined the self-perception of Canadians for generations. Canadian have been known as polite and kind, but we must continue to maintain it as more than a perception but as a genuine truth.

To be Canadian is to be Resilient: To overcome a pandemic requires the work and resolve of every level of government, every community, and every one of us. Canadians did their part. We changed our habits, postponed our plans, switched to teleworking or had to completely reinvent our work, all this, while caring for one another. We owe an immense debt to those who served and still serve on the frontlines, to health care personnel and essential workers, women and men in uniform, volunteers, and leaders, everywhere in the country.

Prayer: O GOD, who didst lead the first peoples into this land of Canada, and hast increased us by thy favour: Grant, we beseech thee, that we who now enter their inheritance, may prove ourselves a people mindful of thy mercies and ready to do thy will; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

From the Anglican Church of Canada and Sermons that Work.

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