Sunday Reflection

The Birth of Jesus Foretold, Luke 1:26-38: The Good News is that God has a place and plan for every person—even the ordinary person—especially the ordinary person. God calls Mary to be mother of the Lord, but calls every mother to raise her child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
Our work for God seems less-than-ordinary—handing out church bulletins, driving for a youth group retreat, preparing for a potluck dinner. In some cases, our calling seems higher—teaching a Sunday school class or singing in the choir—but the kids are unruly or someone sings off key and we wonder why we bother. The reality is that each task, low or high, fits into God’s scheme-of-things in ways that we cannot yet understand. It matters less that we execute our tasks with expertise than that we approach them with devotion. God desires, not the skill of our hands, but the love of our hearts. The person who has only the ability to love God and neighbor is all-important in God’s economy.

Virtual Worship Service: We offer online (zoom) worship service on Sunday morning, 9:30. This platform is an opportunity for us to reach out to more people by sharing the coordinates of the service. As a tool for church mission, we encourage you, sisters, and brothers in Christ, to be God’s witness to the world. 

Church Donations: We would like to thank you all for tour support and stewardship to the ministry of the parish. You can send your donations through one of the following: Pre-Authorized donations, e-transfer, mailing your offering envelopes, or dropping-off your envelopes in the church mailbox. Please contact the Wardens for details. We appreciate your stewardship! A Reminder: 2020 Tax Receipts must be in the offering plate by Sunday Dec. 27thto count as a 2020 donation.

Drive thru 2021 Offering Envelopes: On Saturday, Jan. 2, 2021, 10 to 11am, our church envelope secretary will distribute your 2021 offering envelopes in the church parking lot. For those of you who can make a quick drive thru, we would hand out your envelope, say hello and thank you, and give you a “big social distancing-hug” to express our appreciation to your support and continued faithfulness to our parish church. Hope to see you in-person on that day. 

Prayer: Love-bearer, you called a faithful handmaiden to carry the essence of love, make room in our hearts for your arrival, amidst the winter chill, so that we, warmed by your presence, may share the good news of your coming with all. We ask this in the name of our brother and friend, Jesus the Christ. Amen.  St. Hildegard, 2018 M. Calabrigo.

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