Sunday reflection & Vicar’s Corner

Sunday’s Reflection If we try to understand this passage as one where the “talents” are the actual talents, or spiritual gifts and skills we each possess, then we may begin to understand this passage differently. Let us frame it this way: God is the master, and God has written into our individual lives our specific talents and spiritual gifts. God has given us these gifts and talents to be used, to be shared, in order to help make this world a better place. 

God is asking us to use our gifts, to follow Jesus and help make God’s kingdom manifest on this Earth. But if we are the last servant, the one who goes and hides his gifts and talents for fear of using them, then we are ignoring the gifts we have been given by God and are therefore not helping in the work of making God’s Kingdom manifest.

In this frame, the parable articulates how the relationship between master and servant, God and us, can be broken or at least put “on the rocks”. When we are not in right relationship with God, we are in our own version of despair. When we are not able to live out our individual calls, using our talents and skills for the betterment of God’s creation, then we are suffering. Surely in this place of brokenness, fear, and solitude, there is much “weeping and gnashing of teeth”. If we cannot live fully into our relationship with God by living out those gifts, callings, and skills we have been given, it can surely lead to a state of darkness and confusion.

Vicar’s Note: We have received a couple of reminders from the office of the Archbishop. This is in regard to the safety protocol that we follow during our in-person worship. A part of the message says,

On November 7, 2020, the Provincial Health Officer announced new Health Orders in response to the rise in COVID-19 cases in BC, particularly in the Vancouver Coastal and Fraser Health regions. The implications for us in churches are the following, For the next two weeks: Weddings and funerals are limited to immediate family, keeping the numbers as small as possible. While churches may still host gatherings of up to 50 people, all churches must be especially vigilant with safety protocols, strictly adhering to physically distancing,mask wearing, hand washing and increased ventilation. In addition, churches should pay special attention to safety protocols when people gather in more confined spaces, (small meeting rooms, kitchens, etc.). Please be guided accordingly. Thank you.

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