Sunday Reflection & Vicar’s Note

Intentional Small Groups: The Episcopal Church continues to offer new resources for congregations interested in following the Way of Love as a way of life by starting small group ministries. New resources include the Building an Intentional Small Group Ministry information packet, an infographic, video compilations, and social media graphics. These resources are available at

Inspired by the foundation laid by Arlin J. Rothauge’s work and booklet, Making Small Groups Effective, the Building Intentional Small Groups information packet can help congregations answer the questions of why, what, when, and how of Small Group Ministry. Written and curated by formation and evangelism leaders across the church, the packet is an instructional tool to help churches as they begin or re-start anintentional faith-based small group ministry. This is not a curriculum, but instead a tool to help adapt existing curricula and other formation resources for a small group context.

Vicar’s Note: Last week, our parish started to undertake one of our capital projects, the repaving of the church parking lot. We wanted to thank each and everyone of you for your faithful support and financial contributions towards these projects. May God continue to shower you with His grace and blessings. 

We will re-start our Wednesday prayer and bible study on October 7th, 5:30-6:30pm, via zoom. We will follow the lectionary gospel lesson during our time together. For our initial conversation, we will focus on Luke 17:11-19. This is also in preparation for our Harvest Thanksgiving Sunday Celebration.

The Venerable Louie Engnan, Vicar.

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