Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

Sunday Reflection: Jesus’ fearful disciples watch as he is transformed and shines with heavenly glory. What relationship can there be between Jesus’ transfigured glory revealed on this mountain and our spirituality as His followers? And what does it mean for us, Christian-Anglicans to follow a leader in our present church situation?

The transfiguration marks the midpoint in a series of scenes that define who Jesus is. At both his baptism and transfiguration the heavenly voice announces that he is God’s son. These two important events are captured in our celebration of the season of Epiphany.

The transfiguration claims his identity, and is already a future revelation of His Lordship sending out his disciples then, and all of us today, to teach and baptize in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The transfiguration scene resonates with reference to the Old Testament. It recalls Elijah’s encounter with God on the holy mountain. It brings to mind the revelation at Mt. Sinai and the cloud of God’s glory overshadowing both the mountain and the tent where Moses met with God. And it evokes Malachi 4, in which God commands the people to remember Moses’ words and says that Elijah will be sent on a mission of restoration before the day of the LORD.

The word of God comes to them now, not as a thunderous voice from heaven or letters written on tablets of stone, but in the words and actions of Jesus. The Son of God speaks to them as one human speaks to another, and they rise and follow him.

What would a mountaintop experience with God look like to you?

God commands the disciples to listen to Jesus. As we approach Lent, what are some ways we can be better listeners to Christ?

Pastoral Visitation: I am pleased to share with you that I had a good visit with a church member and a church family as well. They seemed to be in good spirits. They also wanted you to know how much they appreciate our prayers. Again, let us continue to offer our prayers for each and everyone one of us especially that we are now entering the Lenten season.

Lenten Resources: This Lent, choose from a number of recommended resources to take the journey from Ash Wednesday to Holy Week (February 26 – April 11, 2020). Choices include small group gatherings or individual study and they are available online and in print. You can check it out at, Lent 2020 Resources | Diocesan Resources | Anglican Diocese of New Westminster

2020 O.D.N.W.: The members of St. Michael’s “Order of the Diocese of New Westminster, O.D.N.W.” met for the purpose of nominating a parishioner to this year’s event. They have completed the nomination process and upon concurrence of our vestry, we will be endorsing the nominees’ name to the Archbishop’s Office.

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