Sunday Reflection and Events

In the wilderness, where the wanderers and outcasts dwell, a furious John the Baptist rejects a group of priests coming for baptism and admonishes them to “bear fruit worthy of repentance”—an obvious refusal to be convinced by the Pharisees’ and Sadducees’ display of righteousness, even though they are considered to be the holiest groups in society during that period.

More than the outward displays of piety, baptism calls for a repentant heart. More than an obligatory adherence to temple law and order, baptism is an act of offering and surrender unto God. Thus, the rejection of the Pharisees and Sadducees can be understood in light of the baptism of Jesus. By his willful act to be baptized by John later in the text, a new and holy priesthood is realized.

I wonder if the season of Advent can be a fiesta for the coming of Christ, wherein the community of faith gathers in eager anticipation of him.

How do we “bear fruit worthy of repentance”? John the Baptist is considered to be the forerunner of Jesus Christ. How does the season of Advent challenge us to “prepare the way” for him?

2019 LEN SHEPHERD CHRISTMAS LUNCHEON: On Monday, December 16th 2019 at 1pm, the Tri-Parish Ministry of St. Helen’s, Church of the Epiphany and St. Michael’s will participate in their Christmas Luncheon.  We already have enough volunteers to help with set up, food finishing, serving and cleanup. We have also donated some money, desserts and gift bags for approximately 35 residents. We will also have caroling like last time. If you wish you can donate some monies to cover the cost for the luncheon.  Talk to Father Louie for further details.

2019 ADVENT CALENDAR AND RESOURCES: A daily email with meditations from Archbishop Melissa and Spiritual Directors of the Diocese during Advent will be available. Each day will include an Image, Hymn, or Poem that reflects Advent themes as well as a brief reflection. The sign up web link is, 2019 Advent Calendar | Diocesan Resources | Anglican Diocese of New Westminster

Advent and Christmas Special Events

 Dec. 15th – 10:00am – Service of Lessons and Carols

Dec. 22th – 10:00am – Christmas Pageant and Holy Communion

Dec. 24thChristmas Eve Service: 7:00pm – Carol Singing

7:30- Holy Communion and Candle Lighting Service

Dec. 25th – 10:00am – Christmas Morning Eucharist

We encourage everyone to bring your family and loved ones to our Services.

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