Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

Reflection:This Gospel story brings up a question of identity and roles. Martha accuses Mary not only of not helping to serve dinner—which is the duty of a woman—but for sitting at Jesus’ feet—which is the prerogative of a male disciple. Women were not permitted to receive religious instruction under the rabbinical law, but nevertheless some persisted. By sitting at Jesus’ feet, listening to his religious teachings, Mary demonstrated bravery in transgressing the deep-seated prohibition of women in the role of disciple. And Jesus was complicit in the (righteous) transgression by allowing and then praising Mary for it. He doesn’t necessarily denounce the old ways, but gently affirms the new models.

Today we celebrate such stories in which Jesus allowed and invited women into his ministry and mission.

How do you live into your role as a disciple of Jesus?

Examine what societal norms govern your life, especially around gender. What comes up?

Rector’s Corner: I would like to thank all parishioners who took the time and participated in our second parish bowling and fellowship for this year. A special shout out to Dave and Natasha for organizing the event.

On behalf of our parish congregation, I would like to Welcome Richard Leong for participating in our Sunday worship services for the past two weeks. It is indeed a blessing to see new members come to our church. A special shout out to Sow-Yuen and Gary for inviting Richard worship in our parish.

Again, I encourage you all to please include in your prayers our new primate, The Most Reverend Linda Nicolls, as she begins to shepherd The Anglican Church of Canada. More details about the conclusion of the 42ndGeneral Synod are available online at,



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