St. Michael’s 60th Anniversary Update

St. Michael’s 60th Anniversary Update: (as of June 11, 2019)

  • Task Group Meeting: Mike’s task group met last week. Here are some updates.
  • Principle Celebration:Sunday, Sept. 29, 2019. 9:00am-Meet and Greet, Coffee and Welcome;10:00-Solemn Eucharist to be Presided by The Archbishop; 11:45-Fellowship Meal, Speeches and Socials, Cake Cutting Ceremony; 2:30pm-Wrap Up.
  • Luncheon:The main course will be provided by the parish. Parishioners are asked to assist by bringing in side dishes and desserts on Sept. 29th. Please coordinate with Kathi Dale and Clark Norman about this matter.
  • Advertisement:Parishioners would be given three (3) options for our signage: a magnetic bumper vehicle signage; a sticker bumper vehicle signage; a laminated plastic vehicle signage that can be placed inside your rear windshield.

Shopping bags would be available with a printed church logo, name and address of St. Michael’s.

The Invitation letter is now available for parishioners to send to your family and friends. Please contact Jeddy James on how you can have it.

Our Sunday School children will be making a special banner for the anniversary.

  • Cultural Presentation: Donna, Linda and Mike will present a skit about the history of St. Michael’s during our principal celebration.
  • A Parish B-B-Q has been set on Saturday, August 24, 5:00pm, at St. Michael’s ground.
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