Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

Sunday Reflection: I give you a new commandment, that you love one another.” John 13:34. Our Gospel this morning and even from The Book of Acts, suggest that an appropriate post-resurrection life motto is “choose love.” But that can be an awfully hard thing to do.

How we live resurrection love is full of challenges. I know that many of you who are familiar with your bible are aware that this part of the gospel was written before the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, we are reading it once more in the context of the Resurrection, the aftermath of betrayal and in the midst of the disciples’ uncertainty. Now, the disciples were commanded to choose love. This is what it means to live-out our faith when Jesus said, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35.

“This is the kind of love Jesus is asking us to live — not for guarantees, not for reciprocity, not for assurances, but for the sake of a different way to live in the world. And why? So that the world can come a little closer to knowing God’s love.” (Karoline Lewis)

In other words, when you love, you can more easily see the love that surrounds you. When you love, you can more readily recognize acts of love. When you love, you can more clearly sense expressions of love. Love can often be overlooked, taken for granted, dismissed as just an act of kindness when you are not used to living in love.

What is new about the commandment to love one another? What is radically new about the way that God has shown his love for us in Jesus? What does it mean to be a disciple under this new commandment? How can we, people of St. Michael’s Church, continue to proclaim that Resurrection is Love?

Rector’s Corner: Last Week, members of our church greeters met. We reviewed some roles that greeters should keep doing on Sunday morning. We also agreed to promote St. Mike’s 60th Anniversary to those who are visiting our church. An idea was brought up that a family could be greeters on a given day. We will extend an invite to all members who may be interested to this ministry.

Bible Study will resume on Tuesday, 6:00pm, at St. Michael’s House. Bring you Bible. All Welcome!

Our parish will be represented by Corri and Tony at the Synod of the Diocese of New Westminster on May 24 and 25 at the Italian Cultural Centre, Vancouver. This is the biannual convention of all 66 parishes and 3 worshipping communities of the Diocese. FYI: The Primate of the Anglican Church, The Most Reverend Fred Hilts, will be the guest of Honour.

The Tri Parish Ministry of the Church of the Epiphany, St. Helen’s and St. Michael’s will gather for our annual Service and Picnic in the Park on Pentecost Sunday, June 9th, 9:30-2:00, Bear Creek Park picnic area (entrance is off 140th Street). Bring your lawn chair. Share a side dish or dessert for the Fellowship Meal. All Welcome!


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