Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

Julian of Norwich, Spiritual Teacher – 8 May:The church celebrates the Feast of Dame Julian of Norwich. Julian (or Juliana) was a fourteenth-century Englishwoman who is known for one book, The Revelations of Divine Love. This work records sixteen visions which were granted to her on May eighth and ninth in 1373, with the fruit of twenty years’ reflection on their meaning. Written in the English dialect of fourteenth-century Norfolk, her book is one of the undisputed masterpieces of mystical theology.

Little is known about Julian herself. From hints in her work, it is possible that she was once married, and she may also have been a mother. There is nothing to suggest that she was a professed nun or ever lived in a convent. In The Revelations of Divine Love she tells us that she experienced her visions when she was thirty years old and they came to her during an illness which brought her to the brink of death. Sometime after that, she took up the life of a recluse, living alone in a hovel attached to the parish church of St. Julian and St. Edward, Coniston. It was from the title of this church that she took the name Julian; and other contemporary documents attest that she was still living there in the second decade of the fifteenth century.

The heart of Julian’s visions were the knowledge of God in the crucified Christ. Because the Saviour bore and nurtured a new humanity on the cross, she took up an image often employed by other spiritual teachers in the Middle Ages and likened him to a mother. This image of Christ, and all else in her book, found fulfillment in the divine love. For in everything that God showed her, Julian wrote, “Love was our Lord’s meaning. And I saw for certain, both here and elsewhere, that before ever he made us, God loved us, and that his love has never slackened, nor ever shall.” (From: Sermon That Works)

Prayer: Source and Partner of the eternal Word, who brought to birth in the Lady Julian many visions of your nurturing and sustaining love, move our hearts, we pray, to seek your will above all things, that we may know the joy of your gifts and embrace the gift that is simply yourself; through Jesus Christ our Lord, our Saviour, Brother, and Mother, who is alive and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Rector’s MessageA special thank you to Corri and Andy for facilitating the conversation with regards to producing a common magnetic car and house signage for St. Mike’s 60thanniversary.

Bible Study will resume on Tuesday, May 21th, 6:00pm, preceded by evening prayer. Our focus will be on a few stories about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. All welcome. Invite a friend.

Last week, Parish Council members met and have identified a few major building maintenance and/or replacements that needs attention in the next little while. This could have significant impact on the financial capabilities of the parish to respond to this concerns. If you wish to know the details, please talk to our church wardens.

Tri-Parish Men’s breakfast will be on Saturday, 9am, at Denny’s – 68thand K. George. RSVP Jeddy on or before Friday.

Diocesan Synod will be on May 24 and 25. Corri and Tony are lay delegates from our parish.

“You are rewarded not according to your work or your time but according to the measure of your love.”Catherine of Siena

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