Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

The passage from Isaiah introduces an overarching theme of servanthood, suffering, and salvation. Often referred to as a Servant Song. The steadfastness of the servant in these verses begins with the humble and faithful acknowledgment of exactly whom he serves.

In Paul’s letter to the Philippians, it contains what many call the Christ Hymn. In it, we can hear the familiar tune of yet another servant song.As disciples of the one who emptied himself (v. 7), humbled himself (v. 8), and was obedient (v. 8), we are meant to echo that pattern, those actions, and that obedience. Or, as our Eucharistic prayer echoes, to be faithful servants of God “through Christ, and with Christ, and in Christ” (B.A.S., 195).

The Gospel of Luke portrays this time in Jesus’ life as a time of great expectation and exultation. The people were expecting change, a major change, a change never seen before in their world. God was going to do something special in their time. God was about to transform their daily world of trouble into a perfect, holy, just city of grace—a New Jerusalem, a paradise where God’s will be done by everyone.

As Jesus rode into town on a colt, he brought to mind the image in Zechariah 9:9 of the promised king humbly riding on a colt. The people recognized this image and knew that this man was the king whom they had been looking for. They were rejoicing, celebrating the goodness of God who had given them their new king.

Faithful servanthood echoes throughout the Bible. We see it in Isaiah, but also elsewhere. What does faithful servanthood look like to you?

Rector Message: I would like to express my sincere apperciation to all members of St. Michael’s for participating last week at the second session of our preparations for our Parish 60thFounding Anniversary.

The conversation was focused on how we, as a church family, could develop further our mision and ministry. We have resolved, as a group, that from May to September 2019, we will reach out and invite at least two new peoeple every month to come to our church activities like worship, study, small group gatherings, fellowship and others.

In the next few months, this will be our focus as an intentional offering leading to St. Michael’s 60thyear.

This is just one of the identified priorities in our Mission and Ministry Development. We will share more as we move closer to our parish anniversary.

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