Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

It is hard to keep quiet when we have good news to tell. What kind of Joy or gratitude do you have in your heart that wants to be shared?

James 2:1-10, 14-17

Scholars have long debated the identity of both the author and the intended audience of this epistle, but its message remains strong and clear: one who claims to have faith in Jesus as Messiah and Lord must live in a way consistent with that faith. When we genuinely trust God’s power and love, we cannot turn our backs on the poor or show favor to the rich based on superficial distinctions.

Debating the relative importance of faith and good works is like asking the old question about the chicken and the egg – indeed, neither is viable without the other, and so we must look to the true source of life in both. Some people receive and respond to God’s love in an outpouring of faith that then is expressed through their sharing of that love with others. Some people act in just and compassionate ways out of an intellectual commitment that gradually deepens into faith. What James warns his readers about is the disconnect – we cannot say we have faith and then act unlovingly without violating our own integrity. It is in this sense that he challenges them, “Can faith save you?” The superficial faith that does not urge us to action for the sake of God’s reign and love of God’s children is truly dead and useless.

  • Think of a time when you met a person whose socio-economic condition was greatly different from your own. How did you feel? How would it feel if your positions were reversed?
  • What actions might you take to express your faith as you now understand it? In what ways might your faith grow if you take those actions?

From: Sermons that Work

Rector’s Corner: St. Michael is a house of prayer for everyone.  We welcome all people seeking a spiritual home. Our hospitality is one form of our worship.

We have started using for our Sunday worship service(10am) a liturgical material entitled “Season of Creation”. This sample liturgy was Prepared by the Very Rev. Ken Gray, Dean and Rector of St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral in Kamloops, B.C. I have the permission of Archbishop Melissa Skelton to use this service in our parish.

Sunday School! To all the children, teachers and parents of our Sunday school program, Welcome backto our church family. I hope that each and every one of you had a relaxing and enjoyable summer time.

The teachers and I have met and discussed a few things about the program this year. We will use a curriculum that would suit the age level of our children. I think this will be another year of fun and learning for our kids. So, please help us to get the word out. It is FREE and open to all children. 

Michael’s Messenger! To everyone who sent an article/write-up to the recent issue of Michael’s Messenger, we would like to acknowledge your contribution and support to our parish newsletter. Thank you so much!

Bible Study: Thanks to all who came last week and joined in for the first meeting of our parish bible study group. For our next session, we will read the following passages from scriptures; Numbers 21:4b-9, 1 Corinthians 1:18-24, and John 3:13-17.

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