Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

The Transfiguration of the Lord:  6 August-Holy Day-For All the Saints, A.C.C.

An account of Jesus’ transfiguration on the mount is included in each of the first three Gospels, and in each one it serves as an epiphany, a manifestation of the truth that Jesus is not only the messenger of salvation but also the saving message itself.

Jesus took Peter, James, and John up a mountain, where they beheld his figure clothed in dazzling glory and his conference with Moses and Elijah. Moses was the servant of God who received the divine covenant and delivered it to Israel; while the prophet Elijah was expected to come again and inaugurate the end of the ages, when Israel would be restored and vindicated in the sight of all the nations. The vision of Jesus conversing with these two figures revealed that he was the third founder of Israel and, as God’s very Son, the fulfillment of all the promises made in the Law and the Prophets.

The Transfiguration also foreshadowed the still greater event of resurrection, and it gave a foresight of what salvation and the life of glory would be like. The evangelists all began their accounts of the Transfiguration by focusing on Jesus’ clothing. It was not stripped off him, as it would be at the crucifixion; instead it was almost unbearably enhanced. Saint Paul would pick up on this image in his Second Letter to the Corinthians, where he spoke of the Christian hope in these terms: “While we are in this earthly tent we sigh with anxiety; not that we would be unclothed, but that we would be further clothed, so that what is mortal may be swallowed up by life.” Elsewhere he would speak of “putting on Christ” and of “being clothed with Christ.” Salvation, then, will not be a stripping away of what makes us human, but a donning of the vesture of glory; and the vesture of the blessed will be nothing other than the life of the risen Christ himself.

Collect for the Transfiguration:

Almighty God, on the holy mount you revealed to chosen witnesses your well-beloved Son, wonderfully transfigured. Mercifully deliver us from the darkness of this world, and change us into his likeness from glory to glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.

Rector’s Corner: I would like to thank Gayle and Cris for providing leadership in our music ministry this morning. Again, we encourage parishioners, families and friends of St. Michael to offer your talent as we continue to worship and give praise to the Holy One. Praise the Lord!

Stewardship– Our parish is in need of additional volunteer greeters, readers, prayer leader, and countersfor the 10am worship service. If you are called to this ministry, please let me know and I could provide you some basic training for these ministries.

Pastoral Visits: I am doing some home visits during the summer. I usually offer prayers, reflections and conversationthat may support your spiritual needs. My contact info; or at 604-591-8323.

I have met with our church wardens and some other parishioners to reflect on a few ministries centered on our spiritual renewal. Initially, it would start with a sacred gigamong the “leadership team, then the “insiders” of our congregation and hopefully even to the “outsiders” of our faith group.

We have formed a small pastoral teamwho would assist me in doing home visitation in the next few months. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to have some conversations around what you think the church, -priest, leaders, and members- would like to start doing, continue doing and even stop doing.

This small pastoral team may also update you on the various ministry of our parish.  If you have any suggestions to the above information or should you want to assist the team in any way, please let me know. We would appreciate all the help we can get from each and everyone of you.

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